The Irish landscape has inspired poetry, song, dance, sagas and art for millennia. Being an island on the fringes of Europe leaves us exposed and susceptible to unpredictable and often extreme changes in weather and light. Most of us have learned to cope with our temperate climate and many to celebrate it. For the photographer, light is the essential ingredient to the image making process (in fact, the word 'photograph' means to draw with light). Light and weather enjoy a vibrant partnership here and together mould and dress the landscape in a splendid and unique way. Our island is diverse in it's form, structure and fabric and it is often challenging to capture it without evidence of mans imposition; roads, walls and buildings. Our rural heritage has chiselled deep and lasting marks on plane, hillside and mountain. For me, this is considered when I bring my eye to the camera lens but it's only recently that I became aware of it. For many years I'd been subconsciously documenting the man-altered landscape, not attempting to disguise or exaggerate our presence in it. My landscape photographs are very personal. I try to record the harmonies of a scene is a direct and honest way, with little post-processing or manipulation. I'm not interested in making pretty pictures but I do bring my background in art to bare on the work and how it's presented. 

7" x 5" €15

12" x 8" €25

18" x 12" €45

30" x 20" €95

Photographs are window mounted, colour guaranteed and printed on professional quality premium lustre paper. Dry-mount and framing options also available.

Prices quoted not inclusive of post and packaging.