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Thomas and Paddy
Windsong Harp Ensemble
Pat Inglodsby
Eddie Lenihan
Three Sugars
Eddie Murphy
Grace and Ollie
Scots in Dublin
Jarlath Tivnan

When you put a camera in front of your face, you're forced to look at your subject through a window. With such an imposing and physical barrier, it's ambitious to think you can excavate a person's soul when they are conscious of the fact they're being photographed, The subject is vulnerable and often defensive. How to make them feel at ease, make the camera invisible, get them to relax and express themselves without reserve ... now that's the challenge. I'd like to think I'm good with people and have the ability to convey my genuine interest in their story and who they are, I don't want to take anything from them that they are not willing to give. I have no time for the 'photo thief', although I've often been guilty of that crime. Deep down, I think we all want to be remembered ... and as we get older, we want images to stimulate memory, isn't that why we take photographs? The photographic image is probably the most direct and powerful medium that can preserve a moment in time, a moment of truth that can never be repeated and it will last for eternity.