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Since the invention of photography, the studio portrait has been one of the mediums most enduring legacies. Portraits are about people and great portraits should attempt to do more than simply record likeness. Our portrait sessions are carefully planned so as to emphasise the sitters attitude, identity and personality. Sometimes our portraits are about stories. For individuals and groups, we aim to put our customers at ease and make the studio experience an enjoyable and memorable one. A fun and relaxed approach helps us to portray you at your very best.

Our large and spacious studio is located on The Crescent in the heart of Boyle. We can accommodate groups of up to 25 people. And parking is not a problem!

Preparing for your photo shoot

There are no rules regarding what to ware, particularly for individuals. For families and groups however, we recommend to avoid loud and clashing patterns. Plane colours are good. Consider a formal or more playful, casual look? Sometimes a 'theme' can make an interesting portrait; blue jeans and white T-shirts are popular and can emphasise a sense of togetherness. Ultimately, it is important that you feel comfortable, that you are 'yourself'. If undecided, do bring a variety of outfits, especially if you have young children.

Remember, your dress should not take away from us noticing your beautiful smile.

Where young children are involved, perhaps a favourite toy would comfort an anxious toddler? Bring a drink and snack but please avoid chocolate! Cleaning wipes are handy too. Finally, I've no problem with well behaved pets.

A photo shoot is typically 30 - 45 minutes, but we never watch the clock.

After the photo shoot

Our aim is to prepare a fully edited folio of images for review within two weeks of your photo shoot. A typical folio might contain up to 60 photos in colour and black & white.

Customers will be notified by text or email to arrange for a viewing appointment in the studio. We will invite you to view your photos over coffee after which point you can make decisions about print requirements. We print all our photography in-house using only professional quality inks and papers. Our photos are colour guaranteed. We also provide a full framing service. 

Additional services

On-line Gallery

We can provide a private on-line folio gallery containing all photos from your shoot. This is very useful for sharing the event with family and friends. Your gallery is password protected and for a standard fee, available for a period of 3-months.


Customer folios are stored free of charge for a period of 3-months. We provide an archive service where folios are stored with us for 1-year. This is useful should you require additional prints at a later date.

Digital disc

Individual high resolution digital files of photos can be purchased on request.

environmental & lifestyle